Watching over your baby from above

Motorola Halo is an above-crib portable baby monitor with night light and light show options with an in-built speaker to play soothing sounds to aid sleep.


Monitor from anywhere

The detachable portable camera gives you the option to monitor your baby from either the above-crib mount or move it to another area such as the dining room or living room.

Sound and light

The monitor has a speaker that can play soothing sounds such as white noise and a selection of pre-loaded nature sounds that can be played once, on repeat or in a continuous loop. There is also a night light with seven colour options and a light show projector developed to aid sleep.


Sleep Insights Service

Babies have different sleep patterns to adults and Sleep Insights Service will help track these patterns. Sleep Insights automatically detects when the baby in the crib and captures movement data and analyses sleep quality using a cloud-based algorithm.

Sleep Insights Service and other additional services are available through the Hubble Connected subscription.